Nursing Students Volunteer at SWIM Across the Sound

Nursing Students Volunteer at SWIM Across the Sound

On July 25, St. Vincent’s College Student Nurses’ Association (SNA) proudly supported the 2015 SWIM Across the Sound marathon. At St. Vincent’s, volunteering and learning go hand in hand, and all students engage with our community by giving their time and support.
From left to right: Editya Habrat-Sleczka, Kim Ramsay, Brian Sager, Andrea Wasilewski, Tia Hubbell (back), Amanda Fekete (front), Alex Campos, James Hansen, Thomas Coppola.
St. Vincent’s SWIM Across the Sound is a charitable, grassroots organization run by St. Vincent’s Medical Center Foundation. It provides low- or no-cost cancer education, screening, and prevention programs for the under-insured and uninsured along with other services for cancer patients. The SWIM marathon raised more than $250,000 this year.
Swimmer approaching the finish line!

Ten nursing students arrived at Captain’s Cove in Bridgeport at 5:00 A.M. on Saturday morning, ready to support the swimmers and the cause. Working alongside Bridgeport AMR staff, the students helped to watch over and provide meals to the swimmers. During the day, the students got to learn more about the SWIM initiative and about the supporters who donated their boats and time to help usher swimmers across the sound. St. Vincent’s nursing students also learned about the physical challenges involved in long-distance, open-water swimming. Some teams of swimmers completed the marathon in six hours, while others took up to nine hours. Overall, the students had a great day supporting their swim teams!“Today, I’m proud to be a St. Vincent’s Nursing student and part of the St. Vincent’s family,” said Brian Sager, St. Vincent’s College’s SNA student President. “It’s the truly amazing classmates and people at St. Vincent’s College who have defined my experiences so far. The Student Nurses’ Association is looking forward to an incredible year to come.”The College’s Student Nurses’ Association is a chapter of the Connecticut Student Nurses’ Association, which is part of the National Student Nurses’ Association. SVC encourages all pre-requisite and nursing students to be a part of the Association. To learn more about the College’s chapter please visit their Facebook page.

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