About Us

St. Vincent’s College is a Health Career College offering programs of outstanding quality to experienced learners, traditional college students, Community College transfer students, and adult learners who have been in the workplace and are ready for a healthcare career. With over 100 years of history and experience in educating exceptional healthcare professionals and our relationship with St. Vincent’s Medical Center as well as all of St. Vincent’s Health Services, we bring to our students the expertise, experience and learning opportunities they expect from a leading health career college.

Our students possess a steadfast focus on their education and a commitment to completing their degrees, obtaining their licenses and entering the healthcare profession. Consistently, St. Vincent’s College students possess a strong desire to succeed and an extraordinary work ethic. If this describes you, I encourage you to consider St. Vincent’s College for your education.

We understand and greatly admire our students’ commitment to healthcare. To ensure they receive the latest in healthcare education, technology and clinical experiences, we have designed our programs with that same level of commitment in mind. Here, our students experience:

  • A rigorous approach to education delivery focused on building the skills that healthcare professionals must possess
  • A focus on evidence-based medicine that ensures students are learning the most advanced research based care delivery
  • A style of education that prepares students, as future professionals, to deliver patient-centered and Family-centered care of the highest quality
  • Extensive education to develop the critical thinking skills essential to effective care delivery

Our St. Vincent’s faculty and staff recognize that our students come to St. Vincent’s focused on pursuing careers in healthcare. We share their focus and value their commitment to professionalism. This influences how our faculty teaches, how our clinical experiences are designed, and how our mentoring and support are structured.