Privacy Statement

St. Vincent’s College provides online information and services to students, employees and the public to supplement services provided on campus. Individual department pages may provide additional information about privacy. St. Vincent’s College will adhere to local, state, federal and international laws. This statement applies to all information collected by or submitted to St. Vincent’s College and is not to be construed as a contractual promise. This information is therefore general, and we encourage you to read page-specific notices to ensure that you understand precisely applicable privacy policies and practices.

Consistent with federal law, we consider some personal information to be public, or directory information, which is information that is generally not considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if released. Directory information is personally identifiable information of a general nature that may be disclosed without your consent unless you have restricted us from doing so. The primary purpose of directory information is to allow St. Vincent’s College to include this type of information in certain publications. Directory information includes, but is not limited to:

• Student’s name
• Participation in officially recognized activities
• Address
• Telephone listing
• Electronic mail address
• Photograph
• Degrees, honors, and awards received
• Date and place of birth
• Major field of study
• Dates of attendance at St. Vincent’s
• Class level
• The most recent educational agency or institution attended

If you do not want your directory information to be disclosed, either in campus print or electronic directories or otherwise, you must notify the Registrar in writing, by the first day of the semester. Notifying the Registrar covers only the disclosure of centralized records. Members of individual organizations must also notify those organizations to restrict the disclosure of directory information.


From time to time, individuals or companies under contract with the College may have access to information in the course of the services they provide to the College, but those entities are not permitted to use or re-disclose that information for unauthorized purposes. Whenever possible, the College will minimize the disclosure of personally identifiable information.

Updated 04/13/2015