Academic Probation & Dismissal

When enrolled in courses, a student not reaching the minimum CGPA will be placed on academic probation. A student who does not raise the CGPA to minimum standards within 12 credit hours of probation will be dismissed and lose matriculated status.

A student on academic probation:

  1. Will be required to meet with an advisor on a regular basis.
  2. May be required to reduce course/credit load for the next semester.
  3. Will be ineligible to hold office in any club or organization officially recognized by the College.

A student, having met the required semester average will be removed from probation and restored to all the rights and privileges suspended as a result of probation.

Should the student not meet the required average after 12 credits, the student will be dismissed from the College for failure to meet academic standards.

Any student “Academically Dismissed” or “Program Terminated” at the end of a semester has the opportunity to reapply to the College after the lapse of one semester (semester is defined as fall or spring).

Students who are program terminated but not academically dismissed from the college may switch to other college degree programs or take courses with Continuing & Professional Studies after being dismissed from the program. Students should have the required cumulative grade point average. Review the individual program readmission policies.