Course Changes

Course Changes (Adding, Dropping, and Withdrawing) After student registers for the first time each term, course/section changes will only be allowed after having the change approved by your academic advisor. You will need to meet with your advisor to get  a new access code if you want to make changes online, or fill out the add/drop form, have it signed by your advisor, and turn it into the Registrar’s Office. Classes may be added until 11:59 PM, the day before the term begins with consultation with your academic advisor. It is advised that students register as early as they can to ensure adequate time for textbook ordering/delivery.

All adds after the start of a course will require consent from not only your advisor but the instructor as well. The instructor or advisor can send their consent to the Registrar electronically to expedite this process.

A student wishing to drop a course before the term begins, or during the first week of classes, will need consent from their academic advisor. Courses dropped during this period will be deleted from the official record. After the drop period, the withdrawal period begins. Drops during this period are considered withdrawals and will result in a grade of “W” on the official transcript. As with all other course changes, you must contact your academic advisor to initiate a course withdrawal. Once they sign off, after the withdrawal period ends, you can only receive a grade of W or F (less than the required course grade), as assigned by the instructor.

Term Length Withdrawal Period Timeframe W or F Timeframe
5 weeks 2nd week through 3rd week 4th week through 5th week
6 weeks 2nd week through 4th week 5th week through 6th week
7-8 weeks 2nd week through 5th week 6th week through end of course
15 weeks 2nd week through 9th week 10th week through end of classes

Not attending class does not constitute an official drop/withdrawal. If a student ceases to attend without following the drop/withdrawal procedure described above, they may be responsible for the tuition and fees associated with the course or earn a grade of F.