Grading System

The system of grades along with quality points issued for each grade is:

 A 4.0
 A- 3.67
 B+ 3.33
 B 3.0
 B- 2.67
 C+ 2.33
 C 2.0
 C- 1.67
 D+ 1.33
 D 1.0
 F 0.0
 I  Incomplete
AW  Administrative Withdrawal
 NA  Never  Attended
 P  Passed (assigned to non-credit courses in  Continuing Education
 W  Withdrawal
 WF  Withdrawal Failure
 WP  Withdrawal Passing
 X  Audit (indicates course was attended without expectation of credit or grade)

A minimum grade of “C+” is required in all science courses, English Composition and College Algebra. Some programs require a minimum grade, their passing grade a “B-”. (see Nursing AS and Radiography AS requirements). These programs also require a minimum grade of B- for BIO211, BIO212, BIO235 and PHY101.