Incomplete Grades

An incomplete is a temporary grade assigned by a faculty member in an emergency situation only. Incompletes are only available under the following circumstances:

  1. An illness or other extenuating circumstance is preventing completion of the course (documentation required).
  2. Remaining work can be completed within a 2-week period (or longer, if the faculty member consents).
  3. The incomplete is not given as a substitute for a failing grade or for a student who has less than the required course grade.
  4. The incomplete is not given to a student so they can re-take the entire course.

To request an incomplete, fill out the request for incomplete grade form and submit it to your instructor. The instructor will fill out their portion which will detail the procedure and timeline for finishing the course requirements. Then, it will be sent on to the Vice President of Academic Affairs/Dean of Faculty, who will determine if the form and documentation is sufficient to grant the incomplete. The Vice President of Academic Affairs/Dean of Faculty will then notify the student of their decision and, if approved, the Registrar.

Unless otherwise noted the student has until two weeks into the following semester to complete the course requirements, or the grade will become an F.  Extensions can only be granted through the end of  the following semester if the instructor consents and the terms of completion are agreed upon by the Vice President of Academic Affairs/Dean of Faculty.