Administrative Withdrawal

St. Vincent’s College reserves the right to administratively withdraw students when deemed necessary. Examples of when the College would administratively withdraw a student include, but are not limited to, the student failing to meet prerequisite requirements, the student never attends or stops attending, or the student has a period of absences that leads the faculty member to question the student’s intent to finish the course.

Administrative withdrawals will be distributed until the mid-point of each term. They will be noted as an AW on the transcript. After the course midpoint, students who are administratively withdrawn will receive a grade of F (unless it can be determined that they stopped attending before the midpoint). Any eligibility for a tuition refund will be determined by the circumstances around the withdrawal if it occurs during the add/drop or withdrawal period. After the withdrawal period, students who are administratively withdrawn from a course will not be eligible for a tuition refund.

Administrative withdrawals can affect a student’s Financial Aid award and satisfactory academic progress. Being administratively withdrawn does not waive a student’s financial responsibility for any costs associated with or resulting from registration for the semester.