Academic Support Services


The goal of the College’s academic support services is to enhance student success by helping students develop essential strategies and skills. Students’ needs are assessed through placement tests and background reviews. Individualized plans are developed for students and the progress of those plans is monitored. Individual, group, and class instruction in basic skills and learning approaches are offered. These services are provided to students as part of the College’s effort to help students realize their educational goals.


  • Academic support plans
  • Advising and counseling
  • Computer labs
  • Placement testing
  • Strategies for college success
  • Stress management
  • Study skills
  • Study skills program
  • Time management
  • Topical workshops
  • Writing laboratory

The Sister Marie Burns Learning Center

The Student Learning Center helps all students with a wide variety of academic issues including reading and writing, stress management, time management, and test taking anxiety. It facilitates the development of the student’s reading comprehension and retention skills, simplifies the writing process through understanding, brainstorming, drafting, outlining, critical reading/thinking, researching, APA format, revision and editing. The Center will help the students examine stress and test-taking anxiety to facilitate time management and organizational skills.

Faculty Advisors

Students are assigned faculty advisors for the purpose of assisting with appropriate course selection and academic advising. This list is emailed to student’s College email accounts every semester.


Both faculty and peer tutoring opportunities are provided to students. For more information contact