RAD 411

Course Name: MRI Imaging
Course Code: RAD 411
Course Type: Radiologic Studies
Number of Credits: (10 credits / 300 hours)
Course Description: The MRI Imaging option will prepare students to operate and utilize MRI scanners to produce images of patients’ internal structures. This course is online theory for 20 weeks and eight to sixteen hours of clinical experiences per week for at least 26 weeks at one of the affiliated clinical education settings. Completion of clinical requirements may exceed beyond the 26 weeks and is determined by individual student progress. This course will prepare graduates to possess the knowledge, skills, and affect to meet the demands of an entry-level position in magnetic resonance imaging. It will provide discussion on pathology that will be encountered, protocols for imaging, and patient care techniques for that specific pathology. Contrast media will be taught that is specific to MRI. Theory presented and clinical experiences will prepare students to participate in the ARRT MRI Imaging Certification Examination and for employment as an entry level MRI Imager.
Co-Requisites: BIO 331, RAD 301