FAQs About Admissions

May I schedule an appointment to talk with an admissions counselor?
If you would like to speak with an admissions counselor, we have walk-in hours Monday-Friday from 8:00 am-5:00 pm.  If you would like to make an appointment, you may call the Admissions Office at 203-576-5513 or via e-mail at: admissions@stvincentscollege.edu.  For additional options and departments, call 1.800.873.1013.  The entrance to the College is on 75 Hunting Street, Bridgeport.  You may park on Hunting Street, or in the St. Vincent’s Medical Center visitors parking garage.

What pre-requisites are required?

  • For Nursing and Radiography degree programs, you must complete a course in human biology and chemistry with a C+ or better. High school biology and chemistry are acceptable. These science courses must have been taken within five years of acceptance to the College.  For details on all degree program requirements, go to the Programs page.
  • For Certificate Programs and the Department of Continuing and Professional Studies, go to the Programs page.

Will I get a degree from St. Vincent’s College?
Yes. You will receive an Associate in Science degree or a Bachelor of Science degree.

What majors does the College offer?
The College offers Associate Degrees in Nursing and Radiography, and a Bachelor Degree in Radiologic Sciences.

Can I take all of my courses at St. Vincent’s College?
Yes. All of the courses that you will need to complete your degree are offered by the College.

How many credits will transfer into St. Vincent’s College?
Credits are assessed on an individual basis. In order to meet the College’s residency requirement, you must complete 50% of the requirements of your major at St. Vincent’s. For example, if you are enrolled in the 72 credit Nursing or Radiography program, you must complete 36 credits at the College. If you are an LPN in Connecticut, you may also be able to receive 16 advanced placement credits.

How do you determine what credits will transfer?
Courses considered for transfer credit must be equivalent to the course requirement of the program in which you enroll and recorded on an official transcript from a regionally accredited institution.  For more information go to our Transfer Students webpage.

Do you accept transfer credits if a student passes a standardized test?
Yes, if you take the CLEP, DANTE (DSST) or EXCELSIOR exams.  Learn more about these exams.

Who is required to take the CPT (Computer Placement Test)?
Any applicant who is not transferring in college level algebra and English composition must take the placement exam(s). Applicants are tested in arithmetic, elementary algebra, English Composition, reading comprehension, and sentence skills.  If you are taking the TEAS exam, you do not have to take the CPT exams.  For details go to the Exam Information page.

Acceptance letters are sent out on a rolling admissions basis.

  • Students will not be allowed to register for classes until they are background and health cleared.

International students are required to have their admissions file completed at least six months prior to the semester that they are interested in starting (See International Students’ page).

Can I begin my major in the Spring Semester?
Only Nursing (101) classes begin in both the spring and fall semesters. All other majors begin in fall only.

What is the Pre-Major Program?
Students admitted into a Pre-Major Program are admitted initially into the College but not the major. You are required to take 15 selected credits (including three science classes) to be considered for admittance into the major.  Students are expected to complete Biology 211, Biology 212, Biology 235 (Nursing) or Physics 101 (Radiography) with a minimum grade of B and Math 140 with a minimum grade of C+.

How much time does the Pre-Major Program add to the major?
The Pre-Major Program adds one semester to one year depending on when the student begins classes and how many seats have been filled in the majors.

Does St. Vincent’s College offer financial aid?
Yes.  In order to be considered for financial aid you must fill out the FAFSA form. You may obtain it from a high school guidance/career office or go to the web site: http://www.FAFSA.ed.gov.  See the Finance pages for filing deadlines and more information on Financial Aid, Student Accounts and Tuition & Fees.

Do I need a physical examination before I begin classes?
Yes, you are required to be health cleared (includes a drug screen and proof of immunization) PRIOR to registering for classes.
You will receive detailed instructions with your acceptance letter. Health clearances are scheduled and processed through St. Vincent’s Urgent Health Care Clinic, 401 Monroe Turnpike in Monroe by calling 203-337-3434.  The actual assessment may be completed either at this location, or any other St. Vincent’s Urgent Care Centers: Bridgeport, Trumbull, Stratford, Shelton or Fairfield. You must have immunization records from your Primary Care Physician before making an appointment with the SVUHCC (see next paragraph).

What immunizations will I need?
No student will be allowed to register for classes or begin clinical experiences until proof of immunization is complete and submitted to the St. Vincent’s Urgent Health Care Clinic, and the student is health cleared.  
Prior to scheduling an appointment, you must have your physician fill out the Student Health Services Student Immunization Requirements Form (click here). This COMPLETED/ SIGNED form must be brought with you at the time of your health assessment appointment at the Urgent Care Center. This process may take several weeks so please do not delay.

St. Vincent’s College Health Clearance and Background Clearance Policy

What is a background check?
The College is committed to providing a safe environment for students, faculty and staff. We have engaged Evolution Consulting, LLC to perform background checks on all incoming students.  You will receive a “Background Clearance Authorization” form with your acceptance letter. Students must have a clear background check in order to register for classes.

What are the Tuition & Fees?
Go to Tuition & Fees page for information on costs.