Continuing & Professional Studies Courses

CPR 001 – Fundamentals of Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider

Credits: Non Credit

This course is for the healthcare professional.  Adult/child/infant CPR is taught as well as first aid for choking and mouth to barrier resuscitation.  Ventilation with bag valve mask and AED overview is also part of this course.  This course is in-depth and requires a passing grade on written exam as well as practical skills.

College Before College

Outstanding high school seniors, nominated by their respective schools, can come to St. Vincent’s College without charge for and entry level course (101).  Students earn St. Vincent’s College credit for any course successfully completed.  High school students bring a contemporary point of view to the classroom, gain experience in a college setting, and are part of St. Vincent’s program for easing the transition from high school classroom to college classroom.  Offered as a community benefit, the program encourages high school students interested in healthcare careers to enroll in one entry level course per semester on a space available basis.

Continuing & Professional Studies Courses
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