Cancellations & Closings

When the College is officially closed due to inclement weather or for other emergencies, classes, clinical experiences and other scheduled activities will be cancelled. When a delay is announced, the College will open with all classes and clinical assignments starting at that time unless otherwise indicated.

Every effort will be made to make announcement of an unscheduled closing or delay by 5:30 a.m. for day classes, 3:00 p.m. for evening classes and 5:30 am for Saturday classes. Notification of early dismissals of classes will occur as soon as a decision is made. The College will send out notification through “Send Word Now” by phone and email.

If a student believes that her/his safety would be endangered by traveling to the campus, they are to use their own judgement and communicate their plans to their faculty member(s). Also, students are encouraged to check their online learning platform (Blackboard Learn) for messages from program or course faculty regarding any changes or adjustments to their course schedules.

Public announcement of unscheduled closings or delays will be made on the following sources:

Websites\Social Media

Recorded Phone Message

Call the College Status Line at 475-210-3842 for a recorded phone message. This is an outbound only communication tool; therefore, you will not be able to leave a message on this line.

Additional Resources