Disability Services

Students with Disabilities and Reasonable Accommodation Policy

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504, no qualified person will be denied access to, participation in, or the benefits of, any program or activity operated by St. Vincent’s College because of disability. The College will not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities in educational practices and activities. The College complies with all applicable federal, state and local disability laws with respect to student admissions and student participation in College programs.

St. Vincent’s College is committed to equal opportunity in its educational programs in order to provide access to students with disabilities. The College will provide reasonable accommodation(s) upon request to otherwise qualified students as required by law to ensure equal access to educational opportunities, programs, services, and activities, to the extent such accommodation(s) do not impose an undue hardship upon the College or constitute a fundamental alteration to a program or compromise academic integrity. A reasonable accommodation is a modification in policies, practices, or procedures. The College may provide auxiliary aids and services to qualified individuals with a disability to facilitate effective communication and access to benefits of College programs and activities.  In general, it is the responsibility of the student to make their disability status and subsequent need for an accommodation known.

Procedure for Requesting Accommodations

Students with disabilities who experience or anticipate barriers to their participation are encouraged to request accommodations by going through the following process. Students should request accommodations as soon as a barrier to participation is anticipated as accommodations cannot be provided retroactively. Online learning students should follow this same accommodation process.

  • Contact the Office of Student Affairs/Disability Services at 475-210-6411 to disclose your disability and to schedule an intake meeting.
  • During the initial meeting, the student must submit appropriate documentation completed by a qualified professional describing the nature and current impact of the disability. If you have not yet met with a provider regarding your disability, please have a qualified professional complete the following form:  Provider Information Form. The student will also be required to complete an Intake Form as well as a sign a Confidentiality Agreement during the meeting.
  • Once your accommodations have been verified and approved, the Disability Coordinator will send an Accommodations Letter via email to each instructor informing them of your requested accommodations before the start of every semester.
  • The student is then responsible for approaching each instructor to collaborate and complete an Accommodations Plan Form. Once the Accommodations Plan Form is completed, the student must return it to the Disability Coordinator no later than two weeks after the start of the semester.

If you would like further information regarding the accommodations process please refer to St. Vincent’s College’s Disability Services Student Guide. Any information regarding a student’s disability is considered confidential and will be shared only with others within the college who have a legitimate educational interest.

The requirements for successful completion of each program are established by the specific program and are subject to change periodically within each specific program’s discretion. Please refer to the specific program handbooks for information about Technical Standards.

While every attempt will be made to accommodate your disability, your request for accommodations may be denied if it would cause the College to fundamentally alter the nature of service, activity, or requirements of a degree or certificate program. Therefore, please thoroughly review the physical and intellectual requirements of the program you intend to pursue.

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