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Use this guide as a starting point for any of your research papers on nursing or health sciences coursework. Remember to write down or cut-and-paste the bibliographic information (e.g., title of work, author, publisher, date and place of publication and page numbers), for any resource you might use in your research paper. It’s always easier to throw away extra, unused bibliographic citations than it is to have to re-locate your resource an hour before the paper is due!

A Writer’s Reference Guide to Finding Resources on Nursing and Health Sciences Resources

This is an excellent resource for finding electronic resources on allied health and nursing research.

The Internet Public Library’s Resources for professionals and practitioners in health, medical science, and related fields

 With few exceptions, the Internet Public Library offers regularly updated research and reference resources for both professional and student audiences. This subject guide for health-care professionals is a highly valuable and authoritative resource.

The Medical Algorithms Project

  • “A Medical Algorithm is any computation, formula, survey, or look-up table, useful in healthcare. More than 10141 algorithms, organized into 45 chapters, are available as spreadsheets which can be opened in your browser (IE4.1+, Netscape 7.1+). To make this site work correctly both pop-ups and cookies must be enabled.”
  • “In addition to the online spreadsheets 40 algorithms are now available online as web-based forms. Registered users have access to 340 such algorithms. Registration is free.”