Federal Work Study Program

Several work study positions are available at St. Vincent’s College.  Work Study positions are great resume builders, and offer a way to offset the cost of education.  Funds earned through work study are paid to the the student directly. All positions compensate over minimum wage, and certain positions in community service offer additional financial incentives.

Work Study jobs are need-based.  Good candidates for Work Study should have financial need and have completed the FAFSA form.

If you are interested in applying, read the positions below, then fill out this form and bring to Nick Patino, Student Life Coordinator, in Room H217, or leave at the front desk.


Available Positions

The following Work Study Positions are vacant at St. Vincent’s College

Student Ambassador (2)

Student Ambassadors have the unique job of promoting St. Vincent’s through their passion for the College by inspiring others to be a part of the school community. The Student Ambassador will be trained with the knowledge and skills to give an efficient tour and key selling points of the College. The ambassadors are a direct representative of the school so many of the students and their families look up to them for information about the school and their own personal experiences.

  • Promote the College’s mission by giving tours and other in-person interactions
  • Accompany admissions team to regional college fairs when possible.
  • Correspondence with prospective students
  • Assist with social media requirement
  • Assist admissions with information sessions and open houses

Community Service Coordinator

The Community Service Coordinator will work closely with the Student Life Coordinator to plan and execute events to aid in the community.  Work Study jobs in Community service offer additional monetary incentives. Duties will include

  • Weekly hours working with the Student Life Coordinator
  • Tracking hours of students who participate in community service
  • Helping create new opportunities for students to participate in
  • Spreading the work about opportunities for students, hanging up flyers, etc.
  • Working with the Office of Financial aid when necessary

IT Support (4)

Students will assist the IT department in resolving basic computer and printer problems and/or maintaining computer systems at SVC.  Duties include:

  • Assisting students with computer questions, helping students resolve basic problems, and escalating larger problems to the appropriate staff
  • Monitoring computer center policies, and cleanliness of computer classrooms and resources
  • Assist IT staff with maintenance of computers
  • Maintain supply inventory (printer paper, pencils, staplers, etc)
  • Other duties as assigned

Administrative Office Assistant (2)

Administrative Office Assistants will assist administrators with general office work and other tasks. Positions are currently available with the Academic Administrative Assistant and Associate Director of Career Development.  Duties Include:

  • Data entry and filing
  • Duplicating and collating materials associated with functions in the department
  • Answering phones and taking messages
  • Scheduling appointments with students
  • Other duties as assigned

Contact Information:

Nicholas Patino

Student Life Coordinator | (475) 210-6411 | Nicholas.Patino@stvincentscollege.edu | H217

Julie Savino

Executive Director of Financial Aid | (475) 210-5564 |Julie.Savino@stvincentscollege.edu| H314

Financial Aid Call Center