Giving Message from President Gargano

Giving Message from President Gargano
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Generating an Impact

Across America, the nation’s top colleges are measured by a single, essential criterion: Impact. By this standard St. Vincent’s College stands above the rest-our education is innovative and cutting edge and our graduates are leading the way in hospitals, clinics and preventive health sites to provide first-rate healthcare to the insured and under-insured.

Our success is directly connected to the extraordinary generosity of our alumni, foundations, business and industry and other constituents who see St. Vincent’s College as an investment in the education of the next generation of health care professionals. Every gift has an impact. A gift of $100 can help to provide a book scholarship for a low income student and a gift of $1,000 can help to provide funding for state of the art IV pumps in the Skills Lab. The point is every gift, regardless of the amount, has significance to our faculty and students in transformative ways.

As you well know Colleges are not static environments. We exist in a highly competitive environment recruiting students, investing in faculty, and enhancing the learning experience with new technology, instructional methods, and state of the art equipment.  At St. Vincent’s College we are in the relentless pursuit of excellence. Every gift maintains our momentum and every gift contributes to the aspirations of St. Vincent’s College.

On behalf of our exceptional faculty, staff and students I express our gratitude for your continued support. We are all grateful. Until we meet again, please do not hesitate to write me at I look forward to sharing our aspirations and how your gift can impact a student’s future.


Dr. Michael Gargano, Jr