Bassick High School Students Earn College Credit from St. Vincent’s College

Bassick High School Students Earn College Credit from St. Vincent’s College

A dream of hope, aspiration and inspiration was realized on Tuesday, December 20, 2016. An exceptional collaborative program between Bassicik High School and St. Vincent’s College provides the opportunity for Bassick students to simultaneously earn a high school diploma and a health care certificate at the same time.

For the first time in the illustrious history of Bassick High School 17 ninth graders earned college credit that is applied to a St. Vincent’s College certificate program. The 17 Bassick High School students successfully completed the 15 week semester course and received their first certificate of course completion. The completion of this course creates an official college transcript for each student, as the academic year progresses each student’s transcript will grow with more courses and college credits earned.

The mid-day ceremony that was appropriately held in the Bassick School Library included Aresta Johnson, Interim Superintendent for the Bridgeport Public School System, Bassick High School Principal Tomas Ramirez, Marjorie Coble, Assistant Principal, Karen Barnett, Dean for Health Sciences at St. Vincent’s, Tatiana Rampino, Director Continuing Education and Professional Studies and Dr. Michael Gargano, President of St. Vincent’s College. Dr. Gargano said “Together we will demonstrate through our actions that all the doubters and naysayers are on the wrong side of the debate on Bassick High School. Our collective wisdom and focusing on the main event (the students) will eventually turn the doubters into our biggest supporters.”

Also in attendance were several staff and faculty members from St. Vincent’s College including Lorie Boveroux the student’s instructor. “The ability to come out of high school with a marketable skill and college credits will set them apart from other high school graduates. The ability to work in a skilled profession while continuing their education is quite unique.”