St. Vincent’s College to Honor Daughters of Charity with Honorary Doctorates

St. Vincent’s College to Honor Daughters of Charity with Honorary Doctorates

At the 2017 Commencement Ceremony, St. Vincent’s College will be honoring Sister Marie Burns, Sister Anne Marie Graham and Sister Mary Jean Tague with Honorary Doctorates of Humane Letters for the contributions they have made to the medical center and the college over the span of their careers.

The Daughters of Charity have been with the Medical Center and College since their inception in 1903 and 1905 respectively up until their departure in 2014. The Daughters have showed unrivaled loyalty to the mission of St. Vincent’s ever since and for that, the school and the medical center are eternally grateful.

This dedication to the hospital and the Daughters mission was shown during the 1970’s. At the time, the hospital was poised to move to a tranquil, suburban area in the adjacent town of Fairfield. However, the Daughters felt that their mission to serve the sick and poor of Bridgeport was much more important and in 1976, construction for the modern hospital structure began behind the old building.

Throughout their years of service, numerous contributions and relentless dedication to their mission, The Daughters of Charity have shaped the way St. Vincent’s functions as an institution. No matter the role, job or circumstance, the Daughters have always brought their trademark work ethic and passion for healing in everything they do.

The Daughters never seek publicity or credit showcasing their committed to their mission as well as their humility. While the Daughters may not be with the institution in person, their ideas, values and mission will continue to stand strong at St. Vincent’s Medical Center and St. Vincent’s College.

Sister Marie Burns

Sister Burns

Sister Burns over the course of her career has showed dedication and loyalty, both to her community and to her profession. She has been a Board Chair at numerous hospitals and at St. Vincent’s College as well as a trustee. Most recently, she was the Governance Liaison for the Daughters of Charity for Catholic Health Systems. Sister Burns has also been the recipient of multiple awards throughout her career including: New York State Hospital Trustee of the Year, Sisters of Charity Hospital, Buffalo Medical Staff Person of the Year and a recipient of the Vincentian Award from St. Vincent’s College.

Sister Marie Burns received her undergraduate degree from St. Joseph’s College and a Master’s in Education from Wheelock College.

Sister Anne Marie Graham

Sister Graham

Sister Anne Marie Graham is a long serving member of the Daughters of Charity and has continued to spread and fulfill their mission throughout her time with them. She has been a teacher for most of her life; teaching in grade school, high school and higher education. She taught English at Laboure College in Boston, MA, and most recently Remedial English at St. Vincent’s College in Bridgeport, CT. Sister Graham has served as Director of Adult Education in Brooklyn, NY and Special Projects Director at St. Vincent’s College, where she assisted the College in securing grants for projects and scholarships to benefit the students.

Sister Graham received her M.A. in English from Boston College and has taken other graduate courses at Syracuse University and the University of New York at Cortland. She currently holds the title of Assistant to the Sister Servant and resides in Albany, NY.

Sister Mary Jean Tague

Sr Mary Jean Headshot

Sister Tague has been a serving member of the Daughters of Charity for over 60 years. She is currently working in Brownville, Texas with the Daughters of Charity in assisting the residents of Cameron Park, one of the poorest areas in Texas. She helps to improve their lives through educational programs, family activities and preventive health services.

Born in Syracuse, NY, Sister Tague attended Cathedral Academy taught by the Daughters of Charity all throughout grade school and high school. After graduation, Sister Tague entered the Daughters of Charity community as a postulant in Emmitsburg, MD and then moved to Greensboro, N.C.

It is during this time that Sister Tague began studying Pharmacy at St. John’s University. After graduation, she worked as Pharmacy Director of St. Mary’s before she began volunteering for missions in Bolivia, eventually becoming a pharmacist for Elizabeth Seton Hospital in Cochabamba, Bolivia. During her time in Bolivia, Sister Tague assumed the role of Director of the Elizabeth Seton School of Nursing. Sister Tague has also worked in Angola and various parts of the United States. From 2001 to 2013, Sister Tague worked closely with St. Vincent’s Medical Center as a coordinator for the Parish Nurse Program which consisted of 70 parishes and over 250 nurses across Fairfield County.

We have been honored over the years to have the help and support of these ladies and wish them the best with all of their future endeavors.