Student Nurses Association Surprises SVMC Nurses With Goodies

Student Nurses Association Surprises SVMC Nurses With Goodies

Last week, the Student Nurses Association branch at St. Vincent’s College surprised nurses during Nurses Appreciation Week with goodies during both the a.m. and p.m. shifts of the nurses.

Member Ashley Jacabacci, who organized the idea with President Victor Padilla said, “We passed out the goodies to each floor of the medical center [during] both [the] a.m. and p.m. shifts. We did this because last week was [Nurse Appreciation Week] and we wanted to not only thank the nurses who have shared “pieces” of knowledge with us, but wanted to them to show them “pieces” of appreciation to each and every single nurse! Nursing is such an important part of healthcare and being students Victor, I and the SNA thought since nurses go frequently without breaks, maybe a sweet treat would suffice in busy times.”

Baked goods and other sweet treats were handed out to nurses by the 27 SNA members.

The nurses as a whole expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the gifts. Many appreciated the notion that both the a.m. and p.m. shifts were covered, something that wasn’t covered in the past. Some nurses even went so far to try and pay for the treats.

“No way! We were doing this out of kindness,” said Jacabacci.

It’s these small tokens of appreciation that can make the difference to the men and women working tirelessly to ensure patients get the best treatment possible.