Parking for Students

Bridgeport Campus

Students may park on streets neighboring campus locations. Street parkers are responsible for being informed of city parking regulations. Review important information regarding street parking during snow emergencies.

St. Vincent’s is not responsible for damages to or losses of any vehicle or its accessories or any article left therein. Register your vehicle using the Vehicle Registration Form.

Escorts are available any time by calling Security Services at 203-576-5543.


P – Park in visible areas
A – Ask for an escort (203 576-5543)
R – Remove valuables from car
K –  Keep calm and alert
S – Start your car after locking doors
A – Always have your cell phone with you
F – Find your keys before you walk
E – Examine your surroundings and car

Weekday Classes

Daytime parking is available in the Main Street Garage (P1) on the corner of Main Street and Hawley Avenue (across the street from the Medical Center) during the hours of 5:30 am – 8 pm. Pay with a token only.

Evening Classes

Parking is available in the Hunting Street Garage (P2) if entering after 4 pm and exiting no sooner than 8 pm, Monday through Friday. Pay with a token or use an Exit Pass.

Weekend Classes

Parking is available all day in the Hunting Street Garage (P2) only (Main Street Garage is closed on weekends). Pay with a token or use an Exit Pass.

Reserve Parking by Semester

Parking is available in the Hunting Street Garage (P2) or the Visitor Garage (P3) directly in front of the Medical Center.  Cost is $130 per traditional semester and $65 per semester terms/summer sessions.

This fee is no longer billed to your student account. Please remit payment directly to:
St. Vincent’s College
Attention: Student Accounts – Room H303
2800 Main Street
Bridgeport, CT 06606

Your Student ID badge will be programmed for access to the assigned garage and is for your exclusive use only (no sharing of services). Violation may result in loss of parking privileges.

NOTE: Reserve Parking is limited, available on a first come first serve basis and non-refundable.

Parking at 2660 Main Street Building

Parking for students in the parking lots at the 2660 Main Street Building is only available starting at 5 pm. Please use parking locations identified above at other times.

For more information please view the map of parking locations.

Where to Purchase Tokens

Tokens can be purchased at the following locations in the Medical Center for $1.25 each:

  • Lobby Information Desk, token machine near the Information Desk (takes $5, $10, and $20 bills only and will not give change) or the Security Office on Level One (cash only)
  • Cashier in the Cafeteria on Level “C” (debit/credit/cash)

Exit Pass

This pass is used to leave the Hunting Street Garage (P2) instead of using tokens after 8 pm and on weekends. It works like a debit card that is charged $1.75 per exit. The $35 non-refundable fee (10 exits) will be billed to your student account. The pass can be replenished with additional $35 payments.

Contact Information

Contact the Office of Student Affairs with questions at 475-210-6411 or

Add the phone number for the Department of Safety & Security 203-576-5543 as a contact on your phone.