Healthcare Management (online)

This certificate program is delivered completely online.  All 6 classes for the certificate are offered 100% online which means you can complete the certificate from anywhere.  Due to current inter-state regulations on distance learning, we must limit registration for online courses to Connecticut residents only.

St. Vincent’s Healthcare Management Certificate program is designed to provide the practical knowledge and organizational skills expected of today’s healthcare managers.  The program attracts a wide range of healthcare professionals throughout this field. While work experiences and educational backgrounds may vary greatly, all program participants share the objectives of sharpening their healthcare management knowledge and skills, and advancing their careers.

About the Program

The Healthcare Management Program’s highly focused curriculum is an effective, time-efficient way to gain the management techniques needed for advancement within many of today’s healthcare environments. As a student in the program, you’ll learn through a combination of theory, practical applications, and real-world case studies, resulting in skills that can be applied immediately within the workplace.

Employment Opportunities

Combining courses in healthcare management, economics, finance, and legal and ethical issues, the program is ideally suited for practicing middle managers who wish to enhance their expertise, and for healthcare professionals interested in pursing middle management positions.

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Program of Study

The 18-credit program provides a basic foundation in healthcare management practices.  The program provides the knowledge necessary to identify, analyze, and solve problems, as well as a general overview of organizational behavior, economics, finance, and current legal and ethical issues. Integrated throughout the curriculum are topics of leadership and motivation, in addition to an emphasis on developing skills in communication, negotiation, and teamwork.

Program Courses

The six courses required for the certificate program are:

Code Course Name Credits
HMG 301 Healthcare Systems and Transcultural Healthcare 3
HMG 303 Healthcare Management and Leadership 3
HMG 316 Healthcare Finance and Economics 3
HMG 311 Legal & Ethical Issues in Healthcare 3
HMG 315 Communications for Healthcare Services 3
HMG 350 Healthcare Administration & Resource Management 3

 Admission Requirements

Start Date:  Fall, Spring and Summer