Program Requirements

Medical Assisting courses are planned as a progression of increasing complexity; they build upon one another and are taken in sequence. A minimum grade of “C” is required in the major and core curriculum courses; a C+ is required in BIO 115  Human Biology.

If a student has less than a C+ in BIO 115 Human Biology or less than a “C” in more than one medical assisting course within the total program of studies, continuance in the major may not be possible. If a student has less than a “C” in the same medical assisting course or less than a “C+” in BIO 115 Human Biology twice or does not earn the required grade for any two courses,  the student will be dismissed.

Students are expected to schedule additional time outside of scheduled classes and laboratory hours for the practice of skills in the College skills laboratory.

In addition to the regular tuition and fees, medical assisting students assume the following expenses: uniforms, textbooks and supplies, and transportation to externship settings.