Nursing BS (RN-BSN)

Mission of the Bachelor of Science with a major in NURSING (RN-BSN Completion Program)

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is an online bachelor’s degree completion program designed for registered nurses who have completed an associate degree or diploma program in nursing. The curriculum provides the learner with a balance between professional nursing courses and those in the liberal arts and science. The courses in the natural and behavioral sciences and humanities serve to enhance the depth and breadth of the professional nursing curriculum. The foci/threads of the program are informatics, community and trans-cultural, spirituality, genetics/genomics, leadership and evidence-based practice.

Courses are conducted completely online, with the exception of Community Nursing and Leadership/Management which are hybrid courses. Arrangements for clinical projects and preceptorships that are an integral part of Community Nursing and Leadership/Management in Nursing will be the responsibility of the learner with the faculty providing support and guidance in clinical site and project selection. Clinical projects will be subject to the approval of the faculty member.

Upon successful completion of the program, the student is awarded the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The following list of courses and the sequencing will vary depending on selective program option 15 or 20-months. Students begin these courses in January or August each year.

Note* You must be licensed as a registered nurse to sign-up for this program.

Nursing Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates will:

  1. Practice in a professional, holistic, spiritual, culturally diversified, fiscally responsible manner and value lifelong learning.
  2. Demonstrate leadership/management skills as they relate to the provision of healthcare, patient advocacy, and cultural diversity among patients, family, communities and the work environment.
  3. Critically analyze evidence based research as it relates to current nursing practice.
  4. Collaborate with patients, families, communities, and interdisciplinary teams to deliver plans of care
  5. Recognize the role of information technology in improving patient care, patient outcomes and creating a safe patient care environment.
  6. Differentiate the factors, including genetics, which relate to health promotion and disease prevention of individuals, families, groups, communities and populations.
  7. Evaluate the influence of social policies and regulatory issues on healthcare and nursing practice through an ethical-legal framework.

Nursing Program Outcomes

  1. Eighty (80) percent of students will complete the RN to BSN program within four (4) years of entry into Nursing 310, Nursing Informatics.
  2. Ninety (90) percent of responding graduates are satisfied with the adequacy of the curriculum, online resources, learning resources, support services and policies by indicating Strongly Agree (1) or Agree (2) on the Graduate Survey.
  3. Ninety (90) percent of responding employers positively evaluate the graduates as demonstrating the competencies of a baccalaureate degree nurse by indicating Strongly Agree (1) or Agree (2) on the Employer Satisfaction Survey.
  4. 90% of the students entering the program with a nursing position will continue in that nursing position upon graduation
  5. 10% of the students will obtain a different nursing position or obtain a nursing position for the first time

Graduates will achieve a score at or above the national average on the ETS Proficiency Exam

Year I
Semester I

Course # Course Name Credits
NUR 310 Nursing Informatics 3
BIO 334 Pathophysiology 3

Semester II

Course # Course Name Credits
NUR 311 Physical Assessment  3

Semester III

Course # Course Name Credits
MAT 212 Statistics 3
NUR 322 Research 3
General Education 6

Year II
Semester IV

Course # Course Name Credits
NUR 333 Transcultural Nursing  2
Nursing Elective  3

Semester V

Course # Course Name Credits
NUR 303 Alternatives in Healthcare  2

Semester VI

Course # Course Name Credits
NUR 345 Community Nursing  4
General Education  3

Year 3
Semester VII

Course # Course Name Credits
NUR 467 Leadership/Management in Nursing  4

For more information contact the Admissions Department at or 203-576-5513. For specific program questions contact Sharon Simon at or 475-210-5516.

Program Options

  • Option A: 15 month – accelerated offering
  • Option B: 20 month – program offering

Depending on the students’ prior college degrees or college credits, the student may have the option to complete the sequence of the nursing courses in 15-months versus the 20-month nursing sequence. Evaluation of the student’s official transcripts will determine the appropriate program option. Option A may not be offered if minimum student enrollment is not met.

Plan of Study– RN-BSN Online Completion Program

The Accelerated RN to BSN Online Completion Program is designed for registered nurses with an Associate Degree or Diploma in Nursing who wish to complete their baccalaureate degree in 15 months*. Designed by top nursing professionals and educators, our RN to BSN Online Completion Program was created specifically for working nurses who are looking to obtain advanced credentials to achieve career goals. The College has designed an accelerated program that recognizes the academic credits from the student’s basic program. In addition, students eligible for the accelerated program will have completed Bachelor of Science Core Courses prior to beginning the nursing sequence. Nursing courses are taken in 8-week modules and in order to complete in 15 months, students will take one or two nursing courses each 8-week session. The credit requirement for graduation is 120-122 credits.

*Note: Time to completion may vary based on the number of transferable credit hours. A typical student will take between 30 and 45 credits which are determined by a review of the student’s official transcript(s). All students must have 120-122 credits, complete the required courses, and meet St. Vincent’s College Bachelor of Science requirements to graduate with a BS degree from SVC.

15-Month Program Plan

20-Month Program Plan

Program Requirements