Program Requirements

Students must complete the last thirty hours of study at St. Vincent’s College to meet the College’s baccalaureate residency requirement. Students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average or higher in post associate degree or diploma courses taken at St. Vincent’s College to remain in the program. Students must achieve a grade of “C+” or better in English, math, and science courses.

A minimum grade of “B-” is required in each nursing course. If a student fails to attain a grade of “B-” (80) or better in more than one clinical nursing course within the total program of studies, that student will be dismissed from the program. If a student has failed to attain a grade of “B-” (80) or better in the same nursing course twice, that student will be dismissed from the program.

Students are required to attend an onsite orientation program prior to starting courses in the upper division major and an onsite exit seminar at the conclusion of the program.

Each of two preceptorships clinical courses, NUR345 Community Nursing and NUR467 Leadership and Management in Nursing, has a required focused project that demonstrates synthesis of related objectives and issues as well as mastery of previous learning. These projects are heavily weighted in the determination of the course grade.

The courses in the program will be taught online with the exception of Nur 311 Physical Assessment. Physical Assessment will be taught as a hybrid course with lecture content online and skills taught in the nursing skills laboratory. Both Community Nursing and Leadership/Management in Nursing will contain a preceptor component in which students with faculty support and guidance will actively seek out a preceptor to complete the clinical component of these courses. These course requirements are clearly stated in course and program materials. Required clinical projects will be subject to the approval of the faculty member. For a list of all of the required courses, view the Academic Grid. View a listing of the required nursing courses.

Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of St. Vincent’s College residency requirement
  • Completion of the program within four (4) years
  • Completion of 125-127 credits
  • Satisfaction of all academic, administrative and financial obligations to the College