Is Online Learning for you?

Self Assessment

If you are interested in taking an Online or Hybrid course at St. Vincent’s College, the first step is to make sure you are ready for distance learning. Please take the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium Self Assessment to help you determine if you will be a good online learner. Also, check out this List of Things to Consider to figure out if online learning is right for you.

Basic Online Skills

Access the Basic Online Skills Course created by the CTDLC. This web course contains tutorials that will help you learn the basic computer skills needed for Distance Learning classes.

Technical Requirements

Now that you are ready for distance learning, you need to make sure the computer you will be using to access the online courses is ready too. Review the minimum technology requirements for taking an online course. Make sure to use the link to “Test your computer and browser here”.

Technical Support

If you need technical assistance, contact CTDLC Support for help.